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motoscope Mini
motoscope Mini
motoscope Mini
motoscope Mini
motoscope Mini
motoscope Mini
motoscope Mini
motoscope Mini


motoscope Mini

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The high quality aluminum housing is milled from solid milled and its surface black anodized. The electronics are completely housing and thus protected against weather, water, dust and vibration.

Display and functions

The innovative dot matrix of 251 ultra-bright LEDs displays the speed by means of a scalable, horizontal light band and all other other functions as a numerical value. The speed can be called up as a numerical numerical value at the push of a button. In order to achieve optimum readability in darkness, sunlight and twilight, the luminosity of the LEDs is adjusted automatically. adjusted. For the limit range of the permissible rotational speed ('red range') or as a switching flash function, a speed value can be entered, which, when exceeded, causes all If this value is exceeded, all LEDs light up pulsatingly at the same time. Special feature: the display of the motoscope mini can show the numerical values not only from from left to right, but also from top to bottom. Therefore the instrument can also be mounted upright! 


With the supplied menu button or the light horn button on the handlebars the display can be changed . The standard display is the speed value. The other measured values can be called up on the display by a short push on the button. Optionally, the display can be set to return automatically to the speed value after a short automatically return to the speed value after a short time or a specific display of choice. Presettings or stored values naturally remain saved even without power supply.


Due to its very small dimensions, the motoscope mini can be easily mounted almost anywhere on any vehicle. Stand alone on the fork bridge or handlebars, in existing instrument panels or recessed in the tank or in tank or GFK - the instrument can be integrated everywhere. We offer universal mounting brackets as well as type-specific solutions. type-specific solutions.  

Connection and sensors

The simple wiring makes the connection of the instrument is also possible for users who have not yet dealt with vehicle electrics. have dealt with. The supplied stainless steel tachometer sensor is very small (M5/25 mm). With the 1.5 m long connection cable, it can be easily attached to the front or rear wheel. on the front or rear wheel. Also vehicles with original mechanical speedometer drive can be easily converted with it. The motoscope mini is compatible with many original speedometer sensors (reed contact and proximity sensors) of the vehicle manufacturers. In this case only connections are made and the mechanical installation of a sensor is no longer necessary. superfluous. An intelligent 'teach function' enables the simple calibration of the tachometer - even on vehicles with sensors on the transmission.

Tech Specs :

  • Length/width/depth: 59 mm/21.5 mm/13 mm
  • Weight: approx. 32 g
  • Mounting: 2 x M3 threaded bush
  • Current consumption in operation: approx. 100 mA
  • Current consumption in idle state: 0 mA
  • Operating voltage: 7 V - 18 V
  • Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C
  • Tachometer (LED bar): 6/ 8/ 10/ 14/ 16 krpm
  • Tachometer (numerical): 0 - 20 krpm
  • Limit setting/shift flash: 0 - 20,000 rpm
  • Speedometer: 0 - 999 km/h or mph
  • Trip meter: 0 - 999.99 km or mi
  • Total kilometers (adjustable): up to 99 999 km or mi
  • Travel time display: 0 - 99:59 h/min


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