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Cleaning Wipes + Microfiber cloth


Cleaning Wipes + Microfiber cloth

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Vulcanet® is the first Premium All-In-One Wipe. It cleans, rejuvenates, polishes and protects all vehicles : Car, Bike, Boat, Light Aircraft …

All in one :

  • Degreaser

  • Detergent - Dirt, Pollution, Oil & Fuel cleaner

  • Tar Remover

  • Bug Remover

  • Streak-Free Window Cleaner -Anti-Rain / Pollution & Anti-Scratch Coating

  • Wheel Cleaner - Polish, Protector, removes Grease & Brake Dust.

  • Shines Rubber and Tyre Walls

  • Shines all Plastics & Carbons - Dashboards, Grilles, Meshes, Vents, etc.

  • Reinvigorates paint - Old, New, Matt, Gloss, Special 

  • Polishes & Protects Bodywork leaving a gleaming surface that repels water and dirt.

  • The specially designed wipe uses its honeycomb construction to capture and retain all the dirt safely.

You can use Vulcanet® everywhere, do not require a dedicated space with a drain. No tap, no brushes or sponges,  you only need to move around your vehicle.


How to use :

  1. Unscrew the black lid, remove the foil seal and pull the wipe out from the centre of the roll.

  2. Apply the wipe gently (Divide by area, hood, sides, windsreen, etc)  Vulcanet will dilute and capture all the dirt.

  3. When the surface is clean, use the microfiber cloth housed in the black lid. Adopt a brisk, circular movement with a light pressure. In a high temperature environment, reduce area size so the solution does not dry on the surface. In case of wet weather, dry the vehicle with a cloth...Or just wait for better weather!!


    France Orders - 7.90€

    International Orders - 19.90€

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