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Isolated Risers

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Isolated Risers

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Bar Clamp Size:

Bar Clamp Size




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The Kraus isolated straight or kickback riser is the solution for bad handling bars.

Utilizing the supplied billet bushings, the isolated riser is designed to be solid-mounted to the top triple tree. This creates a much more rigid bar setup, allowing for far greater use of your bike's suspension and braking capabilities. As for vibration dampening, we relocated the rubber bushings just below the handlebar and inside what we call our riser midsection. Our proprietary use of these rubber isolators drastically reduces the amount of unwanted leverage being placed on the bushings, as well as creates a much more solid bar feel, giving you greater confidence in your bike's handling.

The Kickback option moves the bars 1.5" towards the rider. Our Kickback Isolated Riser utilizes the exact same technology as our Isolated Riser, the only difference is that the Kickback offers a one-piece kickback center section that pulls the handlebar back 1.5" toward the rider. Like the Isolated Riser, the legs are solid-mounted to the top triple tree with our supplied billet bushings and the rubber isolators have been relocated inside our billet midsection just below the bar clamp. The result is increased rider comfort and superior performance due to the more rigid, responsive setup. The proprietary use of these rubber isolators also reduces handlebar vibration and play due to less leverage being placed on the bushings.


Features :

You'll notice the difference of a hard-mounted riser leg and relocated rubber isolator right away. Far less vibration and a much better bar feel.

  • The handlebar clamp is offered in either 1⅛ inch for Moto style bars or 1 inch for standard Harley bars.
  • Bottom clamp has an opening to accommodate hidden wiring
  • 3.5" on center for standard OEM Harley fitment.
  • Bushing life is increased and maintenance needs are lowered.
  • Wiring slot in the center of the riser body allows for easy installation and clean wiring.


France Orders - 7.90€

International Orders - 19.90€

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