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Maintenance Free Battery

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Maintenance Free Battery

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  • New Drag Specialties flush mount terminal design concept
  • The flush mount terminal design concept enables front mount cable harness connections without the need for spacer.
  • Additionally, both the top mount or flush mount connections can be used for a either a primary cable harness or for an auxiliary application. e.g. charger harness, accessories, etc.
  • The flush mount terminal also utilizes a direct path connection to the internal element post resulting in a more durable design with lower electrical resistance and increased performance
  • No spacers or washers required. No concern of high resistance from loose spacers. Harnesses connect directly to the lead terminal and remain securely fastened.
  • Rectangular nuts facilitate SIDE & TOP harness connections for both primary and auxiliary applications Batteries are supplied with 4 x M6 x 13 mm bolts.


France Orders - 7.90€

International Orders - 19.90€

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