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Adventure Hi-Output 450 - Pan AmericaAdventure Hi-Output 450 - Pan America
Vance & HinesAdventure Hi-Output 450 - Pan America
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Stainless Steel Slip-On - Pan AmericaStainless Steel Slip-On - Pan America
Bassani XhaustStainless Steel Slip-On - Pan America
Prix de venteA partir de €918.49
Titanium Slip-On - 21+ Pan AmericaTitanium Slip-On - 21+ Pan America
Grand National Slip-On - 23 Nightster Rh975 ExhaustGrand National Slip-On - 23 Nightster Rh975 Exhaust
909 Twins Slip-On - 18+ Softail Sport Glide909 Twins Slip-On - 18+ Softail Sport Glide
Cobra909 Twins Slip-On - 18+ Softail Sport Glide
Prix de venteA partir de €406.99
Dual Cut Slip-On - 18+ Softail Sport GlideDual Cut Slip-On - 18+ Softail Sport Glide
CobraDual Cut Slip-On - 18+ Softail Sport Glide
Prix de venteA partir de €593.99
El Diablo Slip-On - 18+ Softail Fat Bob
Hi-Output Slip-On - 18+ Softail Fat BobHi-Output Slip-On - 18+ Softail Fat Bob
S1R Slip-On System - Pan AmericaS1R Slip-On System - Pan America
Explorer Slip-On - Pan AmericaExplorer Slip-On - Pan America
KesstechExplorer Slip-On - Pan America
Prix de venteA partir de €1,198.99

At first glance, the silencer points to the elongated part of the exhaust pipe. Moreover, it serves to evacuate the exhaust gases. Besides, the motorcycle silencer reduces engine noise and limits noise pollution. This is because this chamber in the exhaust line also slows down and cools the gases while acting as a sound absorber for the noisy engine.

On the other hand, motorcyclists tend to change the original silencer to an approved silencer to increase the noise level and the sound of the engine. However, the noise level of a motorcycle is subject to regulatory limitations. Moreover, failure to comply with this limitation is punishable by a 5th class penalty (€ 1,500).

Type of exhaust silencer of a Harley-Davidson

First, there are different forms of silencers and several materials (aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, stainless steel, titanium, titanium ...). So you should always look for the part that best suits your tastes and your motorcycle.

It appears in fact, original type silencers are often characterized by their large volume, because of the stresses that manufacturers are subjected to.

Besides, you can change the silencer, like all other motorcycle parts (clamps, valves, catalyst, chassis, saddle, indicators, brakes, end pieces, stainless steel manifold, etc.). Thus, you allow yourself to personalize it and have a unique model.

Mini glossary of the silencer :

Mini lexique du silencieux :

  • Bolt-on : silencer with a machined flange connecting directly to the original manifolds with screws
  • Slip-on : silencer connected to the original manifold using a sleeve
  • DB-killer : removable sound attenuator
  • Cartography : injection times stored in the computer and determining the carburation

Exhaust silencer: how does it work  ?

First, the exhaust manifold collects the gases that go to one or more mufflers. Thus, this chamber slows down and expands the burnt gases to reduce the noise and the temperature of the engine at the outlet.

It appears in fact, the complete exhaust line unifies the flow of exhaust gases from the engine, following a wave-by-cycle pattern. Thus, the silencer baffle clogs the exhaust pipe, reducing the diameter of the outlet. Hence, the speed of the exhaust gases decreases, thanks to the particulate filter.

Also, the muffler usually consists of :

  • Baffles  
  • Strapping
  • Silencer tip
  • Silencer extension

On the other hand, the noise reducer is surrounded by rock wool, for better sound insulation.

Finally, the muffler harmonizes the sound of the bike and brings elegance to the machine, while helping to keep the engine running smoothly.

Silencer / Pipe Pseudo Left chrome for Bagger

First, your HolyDeath store offers you the best spare parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including the muffler.

Thus, the pseudo-left chrome silencer for Bagger “95 - 2008 is suitable for the Touring model. It appears in fact, this spare part is for use with certain Bassani Road Rage 2 in 1 system. Thus, it attaches to the rear exhaust pipe and the original left muffler bracket. Because of this, you can enjoy a motorcycle with a True Dual look.

By the way, you can find matching megaphone silencers with billet end caps. However, you should always opt for a stainless steel silencer with approval for a pollution-controlled motorcycle. Likewise, discoloration of exhaust pipes and mufflers results from tuning, cam timing, carburetor jets, engine overheating...

On the other hand, installing new exhaust systems can change the air-fuel mixture of your motorcycle. Thus, you should always check the condition of the air filter.

Finally, you should never install a cantilever silencer without an anchor. Indeed, it risks breaking the exhaust manifold. Likewise, you should always watch for access to the oil filter and the drain plug.


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